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Learn Android App Development Courses in Raipur

Android Application Development Course will boosts your career by grooming you with excellent skills in Android App Development. If you want to make your career in application development then knowledge of android is must and we are here to help you from basic till expert. This Android App Development course clears all basic and advance concepts and ideas of Android.

India missed the PC revolution, we were very late for with the internet revolution but with mobile revolution India is bang on. We use the same phones as in people of any other country and so is our young developers which create apps that earn millions apps that change the way the world interacts. Web & App Development is not only focus to teach the basics of android app development courses in raipur but to make you understand the process of android app development. With expert faculties you learn the best tips and tricks right under their hands. Learning android app development is fun filled and challenging. From the refreshment of java to most advance application development training we take you till the zenith of android app development.

Web & App Development is of the best leading Android App Development Course provider Classroom Training Institute in Raipur with 80% practical and 20% theory. Our android app develoment teaching faculty are highly experienced and working professionals with hands on real time multiple android app development projects knowledge. We have designed our Android App Development course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal.

Android App Development Course content:

    Android Basic
  1. Introduction
  2. Environment Setup
  3. Android Architecture
  4. Application Component
  5. Resources
  6. Emulator
  7. SDK Manager
  8. Activity
  9. Navigating to Different Activity
  10. Passing Data Between Activities
  11. Service
  12. Broadcast Receiver
  13. Content Providers
  14. Fragments
  15. Intents

  16. Android User Interface
  17. UI Layouts
  18. UI Controls
  19. View & Types
  20. Event Handling
  21. Custom Components

  22. Advance Concepts
  23. Notifications
  24. Location Based Services
  25. Sending Emails
  26. Sending SMS
  27. Making Phone Calls

  28. Useful Components
  29. Toast
  30. Alert Dialoges
  31. Animations
  32. Audio Captures
  33. Using Camera
  34. Bluetooth
  35. Custom Fonts
  36. Gestures
  37. Google Map Integration
  38. Location Manager
  39. Introduction to Geocoding
  40. Loading Spinner
  41. Media Player
  42. Sensor
  43. AsyncTask

  44. Data Storage
  45. Database Introduction
  46. Shared Preference
  47. Internal Storage
  48. SQLite Database

  49. Web Services
  50. Understanding HTTP request response model
  51. Volley - Introduction & SetUp
  52. Volley - JSON Array Request
  53. Volley - JSON String Request
  54. Volley - JSON Object Request

  55. Live Project
  56. Project Work
  57. Build APK
  58. Generating Signed APK
  59. Introduction Google Playstore
  60. Creating Google Playstore Account
  61. Upload App to Playstore

Course Duration: 45 days
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Java Programing